Our Services

HAWA MCS Saheli Women’s Day Centre

Saheli is a vibrant community centre located in Hertfordshire, dedicated to providing support, companionship, and opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our members and promote a sense of belonging with the singular mission of empowering women.

HAWA MCS Gym and Fitness club

provides a fun and safe, women only fitness/sports activities, such as high intensity fitness classes, use of courts to play badminton, netball and basketball as well as a fully equipped gym. We will be offering further sports activities, to cater for the women in our community.

Social prescribing for diverse communities

Advice and Guidance Hub

Habiba Garden

Habiba Garden offers a delightful social space for women who are passionate about gardening. It’s a place where they can come together to enjoy outdoor planting and caring for plants and herbs, while also sharing gardening tips and learning from one another. This nurturing environment promotes well-being and helps reduce loneliness and isolation.

HAWA MCS supporting refugees and Asylum seekers

HAWA MCS Interfaith Partnership

HAWA MCS Visits and Trips

provides various trips for women of all ages, in relation to their interests and hobbies.