Cross-Cultural Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Led by Lina Farajallah
Hosted by HAWA Multicultural Services
Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence in a Multicultural World

Join us for a transformative workshop designed to develop your cross-cultural emotional intelligence. Led by Lina Farajallah, this workshop will equip you with the skills to navigate and thrive in diverse cultural environments.

Workshop Highlights:

Understanding Cross-Cultural Emotional Intelligence: Gain insights into the core principles and importance of emotional intelligence in a multicultural setting.

Developing Self-Awareness: Learn techniques to become more aware of your own emotions and how they influence your interactions.
Building Empathy: Enhance your ability to understand and empathise with people from different cultural backgrounds.
Effective Communication: Improve your communication skills to foster better relationships and collaboration across cultures.
Conflict Resolution: Acquire strategies to manage and resolve conflicts in a culturally sensitive manner.

Tailored to Your Needs:

We offer workshops tailored to your organisational needs, ensuring that the content is relevant and directly applicable to your specific context.

Why choose HAWA MCS?

Cultural Sensitivity: Learn to appreciate and respect cultural differences.
Professional Growth: Boost your emotional intelligence, a key skill for personal and professional success.
Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your multicultural network.
Practical Skills: Gain actionable techniques that you can apply immediately in both personal and professional settings.

About Lina Farajallah:

Lina Farajallah is a passionate advocate for the human aspect of business.
She served as a consultant and Director of Client Services at Cambridge Leadership Middle East Associates, where she oversaw client and public engagements, including workshops on leadership, people management, decision-making, and time management. Lina managed leadership programs for institutions such as Harvard Kennedy School and London Business School in the Middle East. She began her career as a research assistant at Harvard University and has a Master’s degree in International Business. Lina also authored an Arabic book with Austin Macauley Publishers, which was released in 2023.

Hosted by HAWA Multicultural Services:

HAWA Multicultural Services is dedicated to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds through education, support, and community engagement. Our workshops are designed to foster understanding, inclusivity, and personal growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your cross-cultural emotional intelligence. Contact us now and take the first step towards building stronger, more empathetic relationships across cultures.

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