Receiving the energy and food vouchers couldn’t have come at a better time, I was struggling to make ends meet and was so worried how I would pay for essentials I needed. Thank you so much as this really helped me.


We would like to thank HAWA for organising this service for the women in the community. A welcome and popular initiative which will benefit women in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. The sessions include a variety of physical activities and provide opportunities for social interaction. The activities on offer cater for a range of age groups and are thoroughly enjoyed by all!


What can I say what a truly group of inspirational women. It’s great to attend the sessions and see everyone getting along and having a great time. There’s always laughing and giggling and the coaches are so good at explaining how to use the equipment and give you the time to talk to them about individual goals. Great initiative hope it keeps going.

Nasima & Zainab x

I must say I kept putting off from going but finally decided to go and had a great time. It was so lovely to see so many faces from our community. I liked the exercise class run by the teacher and look forward to the next week. Loved that there was basketballs we could use freely and then make a team to play together. Reminded me of school. Brilliant initiative and something we have been looking for ages that’s affordable and easy to get to. I Have been recommending this to all my friends and family.

Koser x

The HAWA team are all amazing and brilliant at what they are doing. They are delivering great fitness activities in the centre and cater for anyone who isn’t able to do certain exercises. The gymnasium is well equipped and the PT instructor offers the best out of each and every person that walks through those doors. I can not give them enough praise as they are all fantastic. The service these awesome ladies are providing is just great.
Once again I would just like to say thank you, they are the dream team.

It’s great to have something local, affordable, and with friendly faces that are there to support and motivate you. The girls in the gym are brilliant, really helpful, and know their stuff! Thank you for this initiative. Great for the community.

Lipi x

To all the HAWA Women’s Fitness Club organisers! Writing to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all the hard work, determination and coordination that’s gone into making this club a reality! We are all really fortunate to reap the rewards of having access to this unique female only, secure, flexible and economical health and wellbeing space. There is a real need for this type of niche service in the community, supporting empowerment amongst women to improve their long term physical and mental health. By providing a variety of sports including badminton, basketball, conditioning classes and access to the gym, the activities are dynamic and interesting. There is always an impressive turnout, of all age groups, which make the sessions fun and challenging! We are happy to come from a distance to attend, which is testimony to its popularity, and we hope that this vital service maintains the resources to continue in the long-term with the potential to expand! Thanks again.

From Rasena, Zaynah, Zara and Shina xxx

Aslamaliykum sister I wanted to say a big thanku and shout out to yourself who really helped me out in the time of need, gas and electric for me is very expensive especially the gas as I live in a end house which is full of damp and to maintain the warmth of the house because its always cold, due to one of my children who has really bad asthma. I want to say a thanku also for how the gift voucher for Asda u gave me in the time of desperate need once I’ve paid all my bills car insurance rent I’m left with next to nothing. That week I was struggling really bad and I felt very depressed and sad 😔 I didn’t know where I would get the funds from to provide for my kids. I don’t like asking as I feel 😕 very embarrassed 😕 😞. That day I believe u was a god sent and u sent me the vouchers, without these vouchers I would have really struggled. I want also thank the people who u work with who issued these vouchers. Your hard work helps family in need like us to survive the horrors of our growing economy which have increased our food prices. Please keep up the good work 👏 may god bless the good humanity souls involved Xx