Mind, Health & Wellbeing

At HAWA, we are dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing within our community. We offer a range of workshops and discussions in a safe and culturally appropriate space to help raise awareness of mental health issues and their signs and symptoms.

Our services include:

Workshops and Discussions: Engage in conversations about mental health in a space that respects and understands cultural sensitivities. Learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and how to address them effectively. We emphasise the importance of representation, ensuring that you can open up and discuss issues with individuals who understand and can relate to your experiences.

One-to-One Life Coaching: Receive personalised support from a qualified life coach. Our individualised interventions aim to help you overcome symptoms of mental health issues and restore happiness and vitality in your life.

Why choose HAWA?

Culturally Sensitive Approach: We understand and respect the cultural backgrounds of our community members.
Safe Space: A welcoming environment where you can speak freely and without judgment.
Qualified Support: Professional guidance to help you navigate your mental health journey.
Relatable Representation: Connect with individuals who share and understand your cultural background, making it easier to discuss personal issues.
Take the first step towards better mental health and wellbeing with HAWA. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can support you.

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