Throne Room

In September we took our Tiffin club ladies to Buckingham Place, we headed off by coach at 9.30am from St Lukes Church and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.  The ladies seemed to be thrilled and it was all chitchat and singing all the way to London.

Once we arrived it was about a 10 minute walk to entrance A from our drop off point  for us to pick up our tickets and head on in.  We went through security and into the temporary reception to receive our electronic tour guides, which the ladies seem horrified by.  Once through into the main court yard of the palace, all was forgotten.

We then made our way  to the Grand Staircase with is lush red carpets and gold banister stair case, the upper staircase walls were covered in full length portraits of Queen Victoria’s family. We then went from state room to state room each more magnificent than the other, there are 19 state rooms in total to see. The ladies were in there element .

Once we completed our tour of the palace we enjoyed lunch in the palace garden cafe.  After lunch we took a guided tour of the palace gardens, each section of the garden had a story to tell.  Once we completed our garden tour it was off to the palace shop for our souvenirs.

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