Mind Health and Wellbeing


This special event, hosted by HAWA, aims to foster a supportive environment where women can rejuvenate, learn, and grow together.

Engaging in insightful workshops on self-care, mental health, and personal development led by experienced professionals.
Participating in yoga sessions, mindfulness meditation, and fitness classes tailored to various skill levels. Learning practical tips for maintaining physical and mental health.

Enhancing skills through interactive sessions on digital literacy.

Networking Opportunities:

Connecting with like-minded women and build a supportive network. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and inspire each other.
Counselling & Support: Access one-on-one counselling and support services. Our partners and team of compassionate members is here to listen and provide guidance on overcoming challenges.

Pampering & Relaxation:

Enjoy a day of pampering with complimentary beauty treatments, massages, and relaxation zones designed to help you unwind and feel valued.

Help us to help others

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