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HAWA and Tiffin Club Hub,  face to face Hubs are closed until further notice.

However, email and telephone support are available.

For Hub online enquiries please fill in the contact enquiry form click here.

Email enquiries will be responded to from Monday to Friday.

We are also available to give you phone advice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10AM till 1PM.

Mondays – Zia 07950490029
Wednesdays – Farhat 07775460963
Fridays –  Rubeca – 07401079970
We also have bilingual staff available to help in the following languages:
Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari and Moroccan.
In the meantime, please continue to follow the government advice on keeping yourself safe @



We understand this is a very stressful time for our community. Plenty of information is available, however it is not always clear, or can be difficult to understand what applies to you.

The government has put all that they are offering on their website, please see the link below.

Here is a summary of information and help from the website that we feel is most essential for those who are self-employed:

·         Deferred VAT payments – this means you can now ask to have an extra 3 months, to pay your VAT bill if needed. However, it is advised that you should pay on time if you are able to. Please see the link on the website on how to defer your VAT payment.

·         Self assessment payments can be pushed back to January 2021.

·         There is a “Time to pay scheme” available for self-employed people in financial distress and unable to pay their tax liabilities. The HMRC helpline to call is 0800 024 1222. They will assess your situation and see if an arrangement can be made.

·         Self-employment Income Support Scheme – you can receive a taxable grant (you do not need to pay this back) worth 80% of the average profit you would normally have. If is important to note, HMRC will contact each individual who is eligible and inform you of this, you do not have to contact them. Please read the information about this grant following this link:

·         Many self-employed people will be able to apply for Universal Credit or Employment Support Allowance, especially if they have now closed their business down. You may also be eligible for Housing benefits to help you pay rent. This site is very informative with links regarding this matter:

Coronavirus and claiming benefits – Understanding Universal Credit

The government has not made it clear if you should apply for Universal Credit while you wait to see if HMRC contact you for the Income Support Scheme. However, if you are not working you should be eligible to Universal Credit; therefore it makes sense to apply. Later if you receive 80% of your income from HMRC, you would have to update Universal Credit on the amount you are receiving. They will then recalculate your benefit eligibility, and inform you if you will still receive a sum from them or not.


We at HAWA hope this information and the links provided aid in our self-employed community to reach the financial assistance they require at this present time. Please be noted that government advice and procedures are ever changing. This information that we have provided was correct as of 8th February 2021.

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