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I felt lonely and depressed at times now I am finding the opportunity to come to the Tiffin Club has made me feel refreshed and energised. I enjoy exercise, socialising with friends and look forward to coming every week. ~2018

Tiffin Club is enjoyable, meeting different people from different religions and countries, having fun with knitting sessions with a big thank you from all the hospitals for all the knitting that we have done. I also look forward to many more days with the group. ~2018

Before attending the Tiffin Club I was depressed due to my husband’s passing. Since I have enrolled in the program my mood spiritually has improved by meeting new people, exercise and the atmosphere is wonderful. ~2019

Saleha Begum
My health and wellbeing has greatly improved since attending the Tiffin Club. I thank the Tiffin Club for helping me get better and improving my mindset. ~2019


I would like to say a big Thank you to HAWA Hub for all the help they have given me the past 2 years. I am a single mum with children under 3 years old and was struggling financially and with my housing needs. This covid lockdown period has not been good and quite scary at times. But Zia and Rubeca have done so much to make my life easier, helped with grants, housing and school issues. As I need help with my English, this can make dealing with Local Authority matters daunting for me. I hope HAWA hub is always available as I know there are many other women who have benefited from the service. ~ August 2021


Thank you to everyone at HAWA who has given me support at a very emotional and distressing time in my life. My husband passed away 2 months ago and HAWA members have done a lot for me to figure out what I should do, as I recently came to the U.K and have no one. I am glad a group like this is available in St Albans for women, as it gives me hope and confidence that I can deal with all the tough situations a head with support. ~ November 2021

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